Beat Maker Software
Jan 15

  • Over 700 built in sounds with 99 preset and 99 user patterns
  • Battery Power capability and AC Adapter (included)
  • Bright, glowing, backlit pads that follow the beat
  • Microphone input and Headphone output
  • Drum Roll / Note Repeat feature for realism and expression

Product Description
Inspiration can happen anywhere. The XR20 is loaded with pro-grade, industrial-strength drum, percussion, bass, synth, sound effects, vocal and instrument hit sounds and has the ability to lay them in a groove wherever and whenever you’re ready. Over 700 pre-loaded sounds, and an integrated effects engine for Reverb, EQ and Compression put you in full control of your beat production. A microphone input is even included for mixing vocals with your patterns. Brill… More >>

Akai XR20 Drum Machine

3 Responses

  1. ginsu Says:

    one thing thats always bothered me about akai drum machines is that they dont offer an arpeggiator – just a drum roll button. LAME.
    Rating: 3 / 5

  2. Janis Elain Says:

    My 17-year-old son bought this device for making “beats” for his rap music. He absolutely LOVES it!!! Although I don’t know how to use it (it’s his!) — he swears by it.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  3. Michael Rosenstark Says:

    I sent my XR20 midiclock, balanced its levels with some other gear, and voila! Amazing results. Funky, groovy, sounds awesome through my Korg KP3 Kaoss pad. Cool modes on this machine, too: it plays bass and synth. And one-shot FX. And there’s tons and tons of samples–and you can switch drum kits on the fly. And you can switch patterns on measure boundaries only! Which keeps live jams with it from running out of control. And it does fills. And it sounds great. AND it has a microphone input, which means that I can send my voice into it! And it looks awesome. And the user interface is really well designed. And it’s small. And it runs on batteries. And and and and and…
    Rating: 5 / 5

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